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DAHON Launches Long-Awaited CURL on Kickstarter for 35th Anniversary

Ultra-compact foldable bicycle available worldwide

DUARTE, CA. — March 22, 2017  – World leader in folding bikes DAHON has today launched its first Kickstarter. The bike is a special edition in honor of DAHON’s 35th anniversary and backers can enjoy a 20 percent discount if they order within the early bird period. [gallery columns="5" link="file" theme="photomosaic" ids="5173,5175,5177,5179,5181"] DAHON was founded in California by career physicist Dr. David Hon in 1982. It was 35 years ago he debuted the first of a long series of celebrated models. Nearly four decades in the business and DAHON has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of folding bikes, with the widest range of innovative folding styles. Folding bikes now occupy about 10 percent of all bicycles produced worldwide, and nearly all have adopted some of DAHON’s 300+ patents. For the 35th anniversary the DAHON team decided to do things a little differently and bring end users right into the process, by using Kickstarter. The platform allows for an unprecedented level of interconnectivity between manufacturers, distributors, dealers and riders. The pledging system allows for a faster lead time, and in a first for DAHON, anyone in any location around the world can place an order for this exclusive bike. To check out the DAHON CURL on Kickstarter head here. The 35th Anniversary CURL follows the company’s original vision of green transportation. Integrated with 11 technical patents, it is not just a refinement of what has come before – it represents an almost total overhaul that completely changes the riding experience of folding bicycles. The bike features a hydroformed, Dalloy (DAHON alloy) frame with oversized rectangular tubes, as well as taking advantage of a flip-fold rear wheel (first seen on Di Blasi folding bikes). Double down-tubes, approach a front triangle. The unique V-shaped coupling between the front and rear triangles turns the bike into a hard-tail. Furthermore, an extra-large head-tube and handlepost are combined with DAHON’s inverted fork stem to provide even more strength and stiffness for steady steering and efficient pedaling. Proper respect is given to structural physics to furnish the much-needed stiffness, durability and safety, far exceeding all safety standards for regular bikes. The removable pedals are stronger and more compact than anything in the league. There is even a roller rack for easy wheeling when folded. With three speeds in an internal hub gear, the CURL offers great range whilst remaining low-maintenance. A telescopic handlebar post and seat post allows for ergonomic adjustment for riders up to 190cm and 150kg. In 15 years of R&D, much more is packed into this small package. The end result is a compact, light folding bike, with a stronger, safer, better ride, that is as easy to carry as it is to fold. Distributors, dealers and individuals around the world will be able to place an order for one of the smallest and most innovative folding bikes on the market from today. The fundraising period will last for 45 days, closing on May 6th, with a target of 250 units. If the CURL hits its target shipping will commence after June 2017 – at regular price. DAHON North America will fulfill orders for North America, DAHON Europe will ship to European countries, Tad Kodama, VP, will handle Japan through DAHON’s three importers, and DAHON China will take care of the rest of the world. The Curl Kickstarter program features a number of Pledge levels. For $1,579 or more, investors can purchase the Curl with the new all-purpose travel case, which provides next-level protection and convenience. The Curl can go anywhere in the case and even be stored and protected at home — zip it up to keep out dust and moisture. It even protects against knocks and scratches in the trunk or cargo hold. At 63x31x57cm this is much smaller than any hardcase currently on the market, thanks to its compact contents and ingenious design. Triple-layered material gives the All-Purpose Case maximum stiffness and impact resistance, combined with a real feeling of quality, all at minimal weight — this stand-out case is the perfect partner for the one-of-a-kind CURL. DAHON Curl photo gallery  About DAHON: In 1982, DAHON ignited the folding bicycle revolution with the introduction of the DAHON Convertible, the forefather of most modern-day folding bicycles. Today, DAHON is recognized as a world leader. Spearheaded by the guiding principles of innovation, reinvention and technological leadership, DAHON is committed to creating quality product, a unique riding experience and green mobility solutions for people leading active, environmentally friendly lifestyles. Headquartered in California, DAHON’s offices, factories, cooperating assembly plants and distributing partner network reaches around the world. For more information regarding DAHON’s products, please visit www.dahon.com. Facebook:www.facebook.com/dahonfoldingbicycles Twitter/Instagram:@dahonbikes

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Get them before they’re gone! The Boardwalk S1, Speed Uno, Vybe D7, Speed D7, Speed D8, Vitesse i7 and Ciao i7 are all included in the DAHON Spring Savings Collection. Head to the US online shop to browse all available bikes, and for customers outside of the United States, contact your national distributor to see about deals and stockists in your area (please note this is a USA sale only). DAHON-USA-2016-Spring-Savings-Banner-Sale-Bikes

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Dr. David Hon expands on his recent letter criticizing policies dr david hon of dahon at conferencethat forbid the use of E-bikes across large swathes of Chinese cities, aiming to keep the topic firmly on the table in hopes of a viable alternative. “A recent Hongkong TV station (Phoenix) hosted an hour-long debate on the burning question: “should China forbid the use of e-bikes”. Many people on both sides of the issue raised a great deal of meaningful ideas and commentary, but personally (as a physicist-turned-industrialist), I did not see any convincing scientific argument, or hear of any such reports anywhere else in China. I recently wrote an open letter on the matter, speaking out against the E-bike ban and have a little more to say on the topic. Climate change is impacting China heavily, with smog becoming the norm over blue skies. Environmental degradation has become a serious topic for humanity. Governments all over the world, including China, are issuing pollution control policies. In big cities in China, some sort of improved management of E-bikes may still be necessary. Public safety is good for all citizens, and is also one of the most important jobs for any city government. To be fair, we cannot ask the traffic departments to always design optimal policies reflecting the latest national policy, but we can expect that the policy be more in keeping with scientific spirit. Undeniably, the 220,000,000 E-bikes in use all over China have fast become inextricably linked to the life and work styles of most middle-low income families over the last decade. E-bikes have become a vehicle for entrepreneurship in many conceivable forms, and their use does make a great and growing contribution to GDP. In the meantime, the world at large has imported ever increasing quantities of e- bikes from China because it is recognized to be an important element for environmental protection. By contrast, our simpleminded ban on certain uses of E-bikes appears ironic or worse! Pollution control is now official national policy, but these things are easier pledged than done! Especially for such far-reaching problems. Instead of allowing each city to make their own policies, the issue should be studied holistically and scientifically. Presumably the central government has already come up with a preliminary target and blueprint for pollution control – for decades to come. They must have covered topics like public transportation, personal vehicles, city planning and construction, new energy, new technology, national economy, employment, politics, public safety and legislation, etc. Each aspect is intimately interwoven with the others. Presumably there still are many details that need to be filled in. But one may ask: “Is the budget and staffing quality sufficient? Is the target clear? Is the approach scientific? Is the blueprint practicable?”. We suggest that related departments dedicate some of the hundreds of millions of yuan in special funds for pollution control to E-bikes of different kinds. Political, industrial and academic experts should be gathered together to research all aspects of the issue. We should refer to the experience of advanced nations in Japan and Europe, collect good ideas, and host regular international conferences. Social science should be employed to provide powerful and convincing arguments; revolutionary spirit should be rekindled in tackling this weighty and shifty issue. Only in this way can we beef up and eventually implement the existing national blueprint. Allowing local governments the latitude to try out policies may sometimes be expedient or necessary. But the E-bike issue is too far-reaching and has been dragged out for too long, it is high time for the central government to step in for leadership!”

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DAHON clubs are booming across China, with folding bike owners meeting regularly for rides and socials. As leisure time, environmental and health awareness are on the up, cycling makes for the perfect pastime. Cities are expanding at breakneck pace, giving planners great opportunities to plan integrated bicycle infrastructure from the start.

DAHON recently coordinated a number of clubs across China to meet up a tour of Hangzhou. Staff met incoming riders at Hangzhou East station for the big event, heading first for a celebratory dinner. A night ride was planned for after dinner and despite heavy rain the group headed out in good spirits. First stop was Hangzhou’s DAHON brand store where riders were given the opportunity to test ride their pick of a large fleet of new models. Rain macs on and bikes checked by the store and DAHON mechanics, the crew headed out into the night. Riders commented that the rain was a blessing in disguise, with fresher air and fewer cars on the road.

The tour went on to take in Hangzhou’s famous East Lake, with plenty of photo ops along the way.

Planning a folding bike club ride? Get in touch to see if we can help share and support your event!

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